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Phoenix Flying
Phoenix Flying


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verifiable intelligence

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Verifiable Intelligence
Out now from Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Action

When betrayal has a pricetag ~ who can you trust?

Dayne Castille isn’t your typical business woman. Her clients are anyone with a lot of money and her contracts require proof of death. At least the life of a paid assassin isn’t boring.

When a random kidnapping lands Dayne on someone else’s hit list, she must team up with rival assassin Callum McKay to unravel a case of political intrigue and greed.

Dayne must manage to stay alive while dodging assassination attempts, babysitting Callum’s ten year old brother and trying to remind herself that staying single was really her plan all along. Unfortunately, attraction might be the deadliest foe on her list...

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Unedited Excerpt:

“Down!” Jace growled.

Dayne didn’t get a chance to look for the shooter before her world tilted on its axis. Folding her against his body, Jace rolled to the ground. He grunted when they landed hard on the unforgiving cement. No more than a breath later, the rifle round shattered cement inches away from their bodies before ricocheting into the ceiling.

Under any other circumstances, Dayne would’ve spent a moment trying to digest the fact that Jace had probably just saved her life again. But she had to know where the bullet had come from. An amusement park might’ve made a great hiding place, but it also worked as a sniper’s playground. Picking them off one by one would be child’s play if they couldn’t find a way to get the upper hand.

“Ryan!” Dayne snapped in her no nonsense voice.

 Dayne had long ago decided that assassination had become easy money simply because Americans were far too comfortable. The scene in the arcade was proof positive of that theory. Nothing had changed. Nobody had heard the bullet over the persistent blare of the machines. And nobody cared that the two of them appeared to be rolling around on the floor together in public.

Ryan was eyeing Dayne as if she’d finally lost her mind. He’d just started in her direction when Dayne caught a sunspot off a roof nearly a hundred yards away. Knowing she had less than a second to react, Dayne squirmed out of Jace’s grip and lurched in Ryan’s direction. Her hand caught the cuff of his jeans. Dayne wrapped her fingers firmly around his ankle and yanked his legs out from under him.

Ryan crashed to the ground as the second bullet buried itself in a game only inches away from where he’d been standing moments before.

 “Jace! Get a move on!” Dayne ordered.

Ryan suddenly seemed to realize what was going on. He threw himself at his brother’s prone form. “Why isn’t he moving?”

It had only occurred to Dayne to wonder the same thing. The possibilities weren’t nice to think about. There were so many reasons she didn’t want Jace dead yet and not all of them were business related.