Boston Avant-Garde 6: Chiaroscuro

Phoenix Flying
Phoenix Flying


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Phoenix Burning

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Phoenix Burning
Phoenix Trilogy Book 2
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Now Available from Etopia Press

Innocence can burn like wildfire unleashed…

Emory Banks is perfectly happy running her flower shop in the historic downtown area. She wants nothing more than to settle down like any normal girl. Unfortunately she’s packing more emotional baggage than she knows what to do with—her abusive father has left her unable to enjoy a man’s touch.

Alex Dalesio is more than just a catch. Phoenix Rising’s bartender has the sexual prowess to melt the most skittish lover. The no-strings-attached love affair has always been his relationship of choice until he meets an innocent florist who makes him want more. Sex between them burns hotter than the Phoenix, and Alex just might have met his match. But when the Phoenix Rising comes under fire from a mogul bent on taking over downtown, everything may wind up buried in the ashes. Not only does Donovan MacIntyre want the Phoenix, he wants Emory. And Alex isn’t about to give up either without a fight…