Boston Avant-Garde 6: Chiaroscuro

Phoenix Flying
Phoenix Flying
Etopia Press


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Junebugs, Haunted Houses & Jack-O’-Lanterns


Junebugs, Haunted Houses & Jack-O’-Lanterns
Clan McKinloch #3
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Available from Loose Id

Stacey is tired of sharing Donal with his job at McKinloch’s Pub. She wants a husband who puts her first. Besides, sometimes being married to the hottest guy in the room means you spend all your time wondering who else is volunteering to warm his bed.

Donal has never wanted any woman but Stacey. There is no way he’s letting her walk away from their marriage without a fight, even if he has to step out of his comfort zone and sweep her off her feet. Fortunately chemistry is on his side, if only he can make Stacey understand that the sparks they have in the bedroom could be carried over to the rest of their lives.

It doesn’t take Stacey long to realize that the guy she has might be exactly who she needs. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. Worse, she’s starting to realize that she might have unfairly judged the one person she needs to make her life complete.

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