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Phoenix Flying
Phoenix Flying
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Out Now from Loose Id
Genre: Erotic Romantic Suspense/Action

One decision can change your life forever…

Xavier Kovuchenko is a stone cold Bondsman who always gets his man and always works alone.

Tavish is a working girl who knew all there was about men, betrayal and the price of arousal.

When Tavish makes a snap decision to interfere with Xavier’s job, opposites attract, sparks fly and the universe will never be the same again.

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Daggertail engaged my interest from the very first paragraph and held it all the way through. ... This one is a must have on anyone’s TBR list, especially if you’re new to sci-fi and want to give the genre a taste. Whipped Cream Erotic Reviews, Reviewed by Fern

Daggertail is simply a joy to read. ... Definitely give this book a try. I highly recommend it. ParaNormal Romance Reviews, by Katie Seely


Tavish stood face-to-face with Xave, mere inches separating their bodies. He gave off heat like a blast furnace. Her nose twitched. He smelled strange, different from any other male she’d been in contact with. It wasn’t unpleasant, far from it. A heavy sensation began building deep inside her body, culminating at a point between her legs and blooming into a damp, slick heat that consumed her pussy.

“We should go,” he said.

Tavish found the courage to lift her eyes. The sight of him so close almost knocked the breath from her lungs. “I’m ready whenever.”

A tiny grin kicked up one corner of his mouth. “You’re standing in front of the hatch release.”

One tightly muscled arm reached past her, brushing her shoulder on its way to the red handle just behind her. He tripped the switch. The air lock hissed as the hatch opened, then lowered slowly to form a ramp to the tarmac below.

Her nipples hardened. It took her a second to process that thought. She wasn’t cold. The body heat rolling in waves from Xave shimmered over her skin. She had to fight the urge to reach up and palm her breasts, to pinch her nipples to relieve the stinging awareness harbored there.

The ice in Xave’s pale blue eyes melted a fraction, and his gaze dropped to the tiny peaks bulging from the thin fabric of her dress. He leaned imperceptibly closer, inhaling deeply; then he exhaled in one long, sexy breath.

Tavish licked her lips again, enjoying the crashing waves of sensation sweeping her body.

She’d never experienced this kind of magnetic force. It was as if Xavier Kovuchenko had a gravitational pull she couldn’t escape.

Had their faces been that close only seconds ago? The air he exhaled whispered across her cheek. Kissing had never been something Tavish enjoyed, but she’d never been faced with a man like Xave before. Closing the last inch between them, she pressed her open mouth to his.

It started sweet but turned carnal in the blink of an eye. Hesitant at first, Tavish surrendered when Xave’s tongue swept inside her mouth to mate with hers. He was hard and hot and male, both sweet and demanding as passion exploded between them.

Her hands gripped his unforgiving forearms and skimmed up to his shoulders to lock behind his neck. She tangled her fingers in his coarse, dark hair.

Xave was tall. With her hands wrapped about his neck, she stretched the full length of his hard, muscular body. Her every curve meshed perfectly against his stark angles. Her breasts mashed against the contours of his chest. The friction ripped a low moan from her throat.

The sound seemed to inflame him. His mouth became hotter, more insistent, driving into hers with a new intensity, each kiss hotter and more insistent than the last. He ground his body against hers in a primal rhythm she desperately tried to match.