Boston Avant-Garde 6: Chiaroscuro

Phoenix Flying
Phoenix Flying


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Boston Avant-Garde #5
Contemporary m/m/f Erotic Romance

Selena Aasen is ready to cut loose and forget about being the princess of one of Boston’s most prominent families. She’s spent her whole life denying her sexuality and its time to find out what she’s been missing. When a chance encounter with two men leaves her trembling with desire, she will give anything to be a part of their lives. Even if it means embracing submission and learning to love the erotic bite of the whip.

Malachi doesn’t trust women. His former dominatrix left his heart and life in a mess it has taken him years to get over. With help from his new Dom, Malachi is putting the pieces back together. But Demon has a dark past all his own. As the events in their life spin out of control, the only bright spot is Selena. The two men will overcome any odds necessary if the reward is a life spent building a family with her.

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